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What we specialise in


Our custom software development services are flexible. Our development process is dynamic and oriented on your business needs and preferences and such we can either deliver custom solutions built according to your specifications or expand on an existing solution for you, investing our skills, experience, and knowledge in the process.



Our infrastructure management services are dedicated to ensuring reliability and security of networking assets. We are adept at configuring structures based on your requirements pulling on our in depth experience with network protocol architecture and setting up of proprietary software solutions like Citrix and VMWare. We then provide asset wide event monitoring, software and patch management, virus prevention and the upkeep of effective wireless service. We realize the value of dedicating resources to the defend against threats.


We provide the full package

All things IT, that’s what we at Metisware are in a nutshell, a very large nutshell that is. We are a team of true tech geeks, who absolutely love what we do, and that is developing cool useful stuff. Stuff that’s important to our clients, stuff that allows them to make the most out of their business, stuff that makes sense.

We are architects, digital designers, problem solvers, inventors, creators and sometimes, well… pure magicians.

So our beginnings are founded in the educational sphere and from here we have extended our skills through many industries. We have developed expert systems for universities, training providers, event companies, marketing agencies, hospitality companies, oil companies, property management companies and many others.

Yes, you can fit a round peg into a square box

We have a pretty good reputation for making things possible. Our teams genuinely gets excited when we receive an out-of-the-box challenge. We centre our development from the ground up based on our clients’ needs and desired outcomes. Those “I wonder if you can get the system to do x” questions are what we love.

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